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Soft corner probably has already become an indispensable piece of furniture in the kitchen, but his choice of pomzh nshyh pretty easy. Sld turn its attention to the seat, which must be low in order to make it easy to place pillows, and the material from which made?

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Countertops made of artificial stone

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    ⇒ Our pride - a huge experience, that help us solve any problems when creating products. We create different: countertops made of artificial stone, , bathroom furniture, veneer and create pools, bars, countertops for hospitals, a variety of exclusive products from stone.

⇒ Important to us - quality! Order our any articles made of artificial stone in Kiev - get a quality and informative advice, a good result. and to realize your wishes at very low cost.

We also quickly learned how to create beautiful and rather complicated complex of stone countertops, - wash in color countertops , which was real by using modern technology and top-notch professionals. developed by us individually

⇒ Do we give warranty? Yes! Only quality raw material that we use to create our products ensures generates opinion about the quality of our products and at the same time, long-term exploitation. We mainly produce countertops artificial stone with flat stone 12 mm Corian , Montelli , Staron , TriStone , Hi-Macs , Hanex . This situation allows us to combine artificial acrylic stone of any materials, integrating them into the most demanding interere and thereby create henilni songs in different styles.

Price, which may surprise you! It's nice that through proper relation to our profession and weighted pricing , by setting a low price threshold for a number of our products. Our zamonyky 90% of usual, with the desire to add to the interior of several colorful stone products, zvertayutsya precisely Workshop acrylic stone, which brought together the best technicians to do for you only quality and unique. .

⇒ We invest in our products capita Anything other than promise for you to make the best and the only unique product for a minimum period countertops at the lowest prices in Kyiv with a high quality result we say in the end we can not. Book articles made of artificial stone in the MAS, because we Ukrainian, deserve the best.

Workshop acrylic stone is located at the market for almost 5 years allowing we ensure only quality products and services and their rapid implementation.

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